New Delhi: Union External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on Thursday said that India has emerged as an education and healthcare hub for the global south.

"India has emerged as an education and healthcare hub for the global south. Our capacity building programmes and first responder activities in case of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) situations are an important example of this approach," Jaishankar said during a special online session during the Voices of Global South Summit being held from January 12-13.

The External Affairs Minster said that the international solar alliance, the coalition for disaster resilient infrastructure and now mission life, a worldwide program to promote a climate-friendly lifestyle, are all proof of our priority.

During COVID, we engaged in international cooperation by providing vaccines to over 100 partners and medicines to over 150 countries, Jaishankar said.

The Minister also said that: "India stands ready to share its experiences and expertise; including our game-changing digital public goods in universal identification, financial payments, direct benefit transfer, digital health, commerce, industry and logistics."

He said: "Inda's development projects in 78 countries are demand-driven, transparent, empowerment oriented, environment friendly and rely on a consultative approach."

It would be our sincere endeavour to amplify our convergences and speak as one voice on matters that are so critical to the peace and prosperity of our societies, Jaishankar said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday underscored the importance of the 'equivalent voice' of the Global South on the international platform and reiterated that their voice is the voice of India, and their priorities are India's too.

Speaking virtually at the inaugural leaders' session of 'Voice of Global South: For human-centric development', PM Modi said, "We supported each other in the fight against foreign rule and we can do it again in this century to create a new world order that will ensure the welfare of our citizens. Your voice is India's voice and your priorities are India's priorities."

The Summit envisages bringing together countries of the Global South to share their perspectives and priorities on a common platform.

He said India has always shared its development experience with the Global South.

As many as 120 countries will participate in the summit. Ten to 20 countries will be part of one session and two lead sessions will be hosted by Prime Minister.