Chennai: In a veiled attack on Pakistan, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday said that India's firm response to terrorism and to the violation of agreements by China shows that the nation can not be coerced by anybody.

While addressing the gatherings at Tughlaq's 53rd annual day function, Jaishankar said that national security is being tested in all countries, but India has had more than a fair share. These have ranged from insurgencies and wars to cross-border terrorism, especially terrorism.

He said that India's long-suffering approach had, however, created the danger of normalizing terrorism. Jaishankar further gave an example of Uri and Balakot.

"China is today seeking to change the status quo by bringing large forces in violation of our agreements, despite the covid, remember, this happened in May of 2020. Despite COVID-19, Our counter-response was strong and firm. These troops, deployed in the thousands, safeguard our frontiers in the most extreme terrain and the harsh weather, and it continues to this day. So India matters because the world sees that this as a nation that will not be coerced first, it will not be coerced by anybody, and it will do what it takes to ensure its national security," he said.

While addressing the gathering, Jaishankar also talked about covid-19 and said that India is a successful producer and as well as the inventor of vaccines.

"This time around, India was not only a successful producer of vaccines for itself and for the world, but an inventor of vaccine to do. Now it's a different matter that some people try to run it down. But of course, the COVID platform which enabled us to execute a 2 billion-plus shot in the arm operation so smoothly, what a contrast it was with many other parts of the world," Jaishankar said.

"Our solidarity was also expressed in providing vaccines to more than 100 partners worldwide and medicines and medicines to more than 150 nations, including developed nations. There were other developments in the same period that were equally compelling. These were developments at home. But sometimes, because they are so close to home, we tend to take it for granted that we could give food support to 800 million people during Probate," he added.

Jaishankar also said that the world offers vastly more opportunities, but those are embedded with new challenges and responsibilities. India matters because these cannot be separated, and India counts on both scores. While size and population are obvious indices of a nation's potential, neither by themselves are self-fulfilling, Jaishankar said.

At the core of global rebalancing has been the revival of China, India and others in the south who have made their longstanding characteristics count more through the process of national revival, he added.

Jaishankar also said that the key factor is the pace and nature of development, especially making it human-centric. In this respect, recent happenings are a source of optimism for our country. Since 2014, the commitment to transforming society has become increasingly holistic and increasingly effective.

"It begins with better health and immunization, reducing gender gaps, expanding educational access and coverage, and promoting skills to foster talent and innovation, making it easier to do business and creating greater Employment opportunities," he said.