GE's local subsidiary in India is under contract with Cochin Shipyard to provide a comprehensive digital solutions package to enhance the capabilities of the LM2500 marine gas turbines that power the Indian Navy's first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier-1 (IAC-1) Vikrant, which was commissioned in August 2022.

Included in this digital solutions suite is GE's SmartSignal solution, which will provide the Navy with early indications of equipment conditions that could cause engine damage and lead to unplanned losses, a statement from GE said on Monday. These early indications can help the Navy be more effective while reducing operational risk, it added.

With GE's proprietary predictive analytics technology that is built into the shore-based "digital twin" of the Vikrant's gas turbine engine, the Navy will be able to move toward a truly predictive mode of operation as it relates to its gas turbine propulsion, according to the US conglomerate.

"GE Marine gas turbines are commonly associated with operational excellence and best-in-class reliability. With this innovative digital solution offering, which is being managed by our subsidiary GE India Industrial, GE continues to demonstrate its advanced technologies and commitment to technology programs in India," said Steve Rogers, Director of Marketing and Business Development, GE Marine.

Rahul Gadre, Key Accounts Director for GE Aerospace, added, "We take tremendous pride in the Indian Navy's selection of our gas turbine and digital technology and are dedicated to continuing to support our ongoing programs."

With a GE gas turbine, navies have worldwide support whether onshore or at sea, and interoperability benefits with other allied ships. GE said it delivered gas turbines onboard 633 naval ships worldwide and provides 95 per cent of the commissioned propulsion gas turbines in the United States Navy fleet.

The General Electric LM2500 is an industrial and marine gas turbine produced by GE Aviation.

With GE's split casing compressor and power turbine design, in-situ maintenance is allowed, often making a gas turbine removal unnecessary; navies save millions of dollars a year and weeks or months of ship unavailability. In-situ repair means to repair a vehicle at the place where it has a breakdown.

GE Marine's gas turbine business is part of GE Aerospace and is headquartered in Cincinnati, US. GE India Industrial is a private limited company organised and registered in India that is wholly-owned by GE's parent company in the US.