New Delhi: TUV NORD Chairman of Management Board Dirk Stenkamp on Saturday said that India is at forefront of leading nations with increased self-confidence in recent years.

Under the 'Make in India' initiative, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of German companies had a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday and discussed new opportunities for the German Companies to expand education and business opportunities in India.

TUV NORD Chairman of Management Board Dirk Stenkamp told ANI and said that they have a very successful joint venture with the Indian family and have grown tremendously.

Regarding the meeting with the Prime Minister, Stenkamp said, "The meeting with the Prime Minister was very impressive, I think India is at the forefront of leading nations and there has been an increase in self-confidence in the last two years."

"I think India is at the point where it really starts to take off," he added.

Speaking on the 'Make in India' initiative he said, "I know about Make in India since the beginning and we're supporting many German companies to come to India and start producing in India. Currently, there's an initiative going on in German Mittelstand invited by India to come and become part of Make in India".

Currently, an initiative is going on in German small and medium-sized enterprises where they are asked to come to India and become part of the make-in-India initiative, he informed.

Regarding growth and expansion, he said that the opportunities in India are tremendous.

"We are very active in energy transition, which means turning fossils to watts, wind and so on," he added.

He further said that they educate people in India and invite people from Germany to get educated in India because they have formed a hotspot, particularly for green and renewable energy.

TUV NORD is running its own operations in India for more than 30 years and it has more than 1000-1200 employees located at 37 locations across all India. TUV Headquarters are situated in Mumbai.

The TUV NORD Chairman while speaking to ANI said that the company runs food labs, does product testing, certification etc. and tests for 80 per cent of the economic delegation of the Indian side.