Ankara: Indian Army's 'SANCHAR', a network-independent, real time tracking and messaging module is being used in Turkey where Indian Army teams have been deployed to provide relief to the local population.

The system, which can be used by all defence and paramilitary forces in operation to track team members and assets in battlefield areas, officials said has been developed by an Army team including Captain Karan Singh and Sub PG Sapre.

Captain Singh is currently deployed in Turkey for disaster relief operations.

SANCHAR is compatible with all map formats and GPS constellations. It has a compact size (12x12x5 cm) and is lightweight. The system has a communication range of 1.5-2 km and a battery life of six to seven hours. It is low cost as compared to its variables.

Under 'Operation Dost', Union Health Ministry provided life-saving humanitarian medical Assistance to quake-hit Turkey and Syria.

Taking to Twitter, Minister of Health and Family Welfare Mansukh Mandaviya said, "India is helping Syria and Turkey with the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. @MoHFW_India provided life-saving emergency medicines, protective items, medical equipment, critical care drugs, etc as part of India's efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to Turkey and Syria."

On February 06, 2023, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hit Turkey and Syria.

According to a statement released by Union Health Ministry, the emergency relief material comprised life-saving medicines, protective items, and critical care equipment valued at over Rs 7 crore.

When two powerful earthquakes hit Syria and Turkey, three truckloads of relief materials were arranged at Hindon airbase consisting of life-saving emergency medicines and protective items within 12 hours.

The consignment consisted of 5,945-ton emergency relief material which included 27 life-saving medicines, two kinds of protective items, and three categories of critical care pieces of equipment, valued at approximately Rs 2 crore.

Moreover, on February 10, many relief materials were arranged for both Turkey and Syria. The consignment for Syria consisted of 72 critical care drugs, consumables, and protective items of 7.3 tons, valued at Rs 1.4 crore, the statement read.

Relief materials sent for Turkey included 14 types of medical and critical care equipment, valued at Rs 4 crore. Some of the medical equipment is Patient Monitor Cardio VI (100), Syring Pump Medvo (100), ECG Machine IMAC 300 (50), and many more, the statement added.

Under Operation Dost, India is helping Turkey in the earthquake-affected area and is conducting search and rescue operations. To save the lives of earthquake victims, the Indian Army has also established 60 Para Field Hospitals in Turkey.

India has dispatched the seventh flight to Turkey. The Indian Air Force C17 carrying relief material, medical aid, emergency and critical care medicines, medical equipment, and consumables took off from Hindon Airbase in Uttar Pradesh's Ghaziabad.