Lord Rama’s wife Sita was imprisoned in Ravana’s Lanka. At that time Jambavant and Angad present there tell Veer Hanuman that you are the son of Pawan. What is the work in this world which is impossible for you. This was the time when the people present there made Hanuman realize his power. Hanuman then immediately flew to Lanka with a loud cry and reached Sita Mata. The glimpse of this flight of Hanuman to Lanka was seen during Aero India 2023 held on 13 February. During this Air Show in Bangalore, indigenous supersonic aircraft HLFT-42 had a flying sticker of Lord Hanuman. Although it was removed as soon as the picture went viral, it has been put back at the same place. Let us understand how much strength this indigenous aircraft displayed during the Aero India program will give to the Indian Army.

Hanumanji’s Photo And Wrote – Storm Is About To Come

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s HLFT-42 was the talk of the town at Aero India 2023 in Bengaluru on 13 February. The special point of discussion was the sticker of Lord Hanuman on the tail of his full scale model. This sticker of Lord Hanuman flying in the air became quite viral. It was written in the message with the sticker – The Storm Is Coming.

First applied the sticker, then removed it and applied it again after two days.

Although this picture behind the tail of the HLFT-42 indigenous aircraft was later removed. However, it was put back at the same place after 2 days. HAL Chairman CB Ananthakrishnan said that the sticker on the aircraft was not intentionally applied nor was it removed intentionally. Whereas the director of HAL had said that the matter of removing the stickers was internal.

Know The Specialty of HLFT-42

The purpose of the HLFT-42 indigenous aircraft, made in India under Make in India, is to teach modern war techniques to new pilots. This plane will be equipped with many features including Fly By Wire (FBW), Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) and Electronic Warfare Suite. Although the company has not given any name to this aircraft.

This Hanuman Will Reduce The Gap Between MiG-21 And The Existing Trainer

There is another purpose for making HLFT-42. It will help in bridging the gap between the existing trainer aircraft Hawk I-132, subsonic trainer and MiG-21. This aircraft is a double-engined Next Gen supersonic trainer.