New Delhi: As part of the wonderful ensemble in the historic core of the capital city, Golden Haveli in Gali Anar, Dharampura was on Thursday inaugurated by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in the presence of former Union Minister Vijay Goel.

Situated in close proximity to the historic Red Fort and Jama Masjid, the Haveli is located on Chandni Chowk at the intersection of Gali Anar and Chatta Pratap Singh. The envoys present there manifested their fondness towards rich Indian culture and traditions.

"I am very fond of Indian culture. This is the first time that I have come here in this Haveli, on this year. It's very good for a foreigner because when we come to places like here in Old Delhi, it's secret doors. The gated are closed doors and this is the door to one of the secret. It's amazing to what Mr Goel has done. I have come here before and I will be bringing my guest here to enjoy that very traditional but very natural, authentic India in hospitality," Diana Mickeviceine, Lithuanian Ambassador to India, told ANI.

"I think the inauguration is a very commendable effort to open secrets to foreigners like me. It gives an opportunity to people to experience real India and to it bring it closer to the world. The Minister has put it very beautifully, to bring more India to the world and more World to India," she added.

Speaking to ANI, the Greek Ambassador to India, Dimitrios Ioannou, too, expressed his admiration for Indian culture and said that India's G20 Presidency is an opportunity for India to demonstrate its progress and promote global society issues.

"You have a very rich culture and very rich heritage. I think everyone admires it. It's very good that parts of your cultural heritage are shown to the foreign people so that they can more about India," said Ioannou.

"This is a very good opportunity for India to demonstrate its progress because there has been lot of progress and development in recent years in India but it is also an opportunity to promote a lot of issues that global society desperately needs," he added.

The Haveli is of three storeys with a basement on a small portion of the southern wing and a mezzanine floor above the shops on the lower ground floor. Former Union minister Vijay Goel, who takes a keen interest in heritage conservation, rehabilitated the haveli that had fallen into disrepair and had lost the splendour of its heydays.

Among other notable features of the restored haveli are arched entrances, sandstones and marble pillars. The surrounding of the haveli bears evidence of history through physical features. Brackets, balconies, and a multi-affiliated arched gateway further enrich its visual appeal.