The RGB-60 Antisubmarine Rocket is an unguided depth charge fired from RBU-6000 Rocket launcher and it is having a war head mass of 25 kg and used against the target of submarines

The Indian Navy received a fully indigenised fuse YDB-60 for its anti-submarine warfare (ASW) underwater rocket RGB 60 on Saturday. YDB-60 will be used in major warships of the Navy

In what is being seen as a major success for Make in India initiative in defence sector, Indian Navy has received a fully indigenised fuse for anti submarine warfare (ASW) underwater rocket, manufactured for the first time by a private Indian industry.

"In order to provide a major boost to Atmanirbharta in Armament and Ammunition, Indian Navy received for the first time a fully indigenised fuse YDB-60 for underwater Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) Rocket RGB-60 used from major warships, through a private manufacturer Economic Explosives Limited (EEL), Nagpur," Indian Navy said in a statement.

This would be the first time the Indian Navy has placed a supply order for underwater ammunition fuse on an Indian private sector industry.

EEL, Nagpur CMD Satyanarayan Nuwal handed over the first consignment of the fuse to Vice Admiral SN Ghormade, Vice Chief of Naval Staff (VCNS).

Speaking on this occasion, Ghormade stated, "The growing participation of private industries in the manufacture of armament and ammunition is appreciable and this is providing a major boost in the Atmanirbharta of Armed Forces."

"Development and Manufacture of such a fuse by private industry for the first time, using simulated dynamic trial facilities is a major achievement for the country," he said.

All technical assistance to the manufacturer towards creating a vibrant ecosystem for the manufacture of ammunition and fuse in India in pursuit of Atmanirbharta has been provided by the Directorate General of Naval Armament (DGONA) and Directorate General of Naval Armament Inspection (DGNAI), Indian Navy, the statement added.