New Delhi: Ganbold Dambajav, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to India, said there is a great potential for cooperation between India and Mongolia, especially in the protection of the environment and eco-protection. Dambajav made the remarks while he attended the Boilers Expo 2023.

Speaking to ANI, Ganbold Dambajav said, "I'm happy to be here and attended the inaugural ceremony of the Boilers Expo. I see that it's a very big event and it's very important. Happily, we are arranging this event together with the GCTI (Global Trade and Technology Council of India). And I see there is a great potential for cooperation between Mongolia, India, specially, when it comes to term of the environment protection, eco-protection. So, we believe we have a lot of future in cooperation."

He further said, "I'm looking forward and I would like to wish all the best to the organizers of this event. And I hope that we will have a similar thing in Mongolia. All the product manufacturers from India can come to Mongolia and work on that together."

Dambajav said that Mongolia can benefit from cooperation with Indian industries. He said, "When we see all the products and gone through the exhibition, I can see that Mongolia can gain benefit from the cooperation with the Indian industries, Jindal and other production, how good high technology. You can see how good economic wise they are and how environment protective they are. So, I believe Mongolia have a good benefit from the cooperation."

He called India the "biggest democracy" in the world, adding that Mongolia is a "young democracy." He said Mongolia has a lot to learn from the Indian experience. He further stated that the upcoming visit of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to Mongolia will help them to promote democracy in the country.

On India's democracy, he said, "India is mother of democracy. It's the biggest democracy in the world while Mongolia is young democracy, only 30 years in democracy. We still have a lot to learn from Indian experience. And I believe the upcoming visit of the Speaker of Lok Sabha Shri Om Birla to Mongolia in July will help us to promote the democracy in Mongolia and develop our bilateral relations."

Kanahiya Lal Ganju, Honorary Consulate of the Union of Comoros, called it a privilege to attend the exhibition. Ganju said that he is "very pleased" to see that the companies which have participated in the exhibition are as old as 90 years and 100 years. He said that he is "very pleased" that the technology can be taken to Africa.

Speaking to ANI, Kanahiya Lal Ganju said, "It is a great privilege for me to have come to this exhibition on the invitation of the Global Trade and Technology Council of India. I am very pleased to see that the companies which have participated here are as old as 90 years, 100 years and that is very amazing to see. And all these companies who are here, who are exhibited their products, they are doing innovation every week, I suppose, because they do something new every new exhibition."

He added, "When they are having exhibition, let us say they will be having exhibition somewhere after days, there will be some new product. This will help develop the industry, help develop many other things. And I'm very pleased that this technology can be taken to Africa, because Africa needs such type of technologies. Africa is a developing area in this part of the world. So, therefore, we will pass on this information to our countries which I represent or we all represent."