Smouldering in jealousy against Bharat’s spectacular and historic success at the G20 event, Pakistan has carried out a despicable and dastardly terrorist attack and taken the lives of two senior officers of our brave army

Smouldering in jealousy against Bharat’s spectacular and historic success at the G20 event, Pakistan has carried out a despicable and dastardly terrorist attack and taken the lives of two senior officers of our brave army and a Deputy Superintendent of Jammu and Kashmir Police in this terrorist attack in Anantnag, Kashmir. Pakistan is not only a disgraceful stain on Islam but also at the height of violence and madness. In the economic plight and misery that Pakistan is facing today, giving support to such a dastardly terrorist attack will only push Pakistan into the dark abyss.

Perhaps Pakistan has still not understood how important good relations with its neighbours are; only by strengthening them can its political and economic position in world politics be strengthened. With India’s growing reputation in the world and its strengthening economic conditions, no sensible country can think of having enmity with her. If all the prominent countries of the world, including superpowers, are seeing their own benefit in striding along with India, then why has Pakistan resorted to foolishness? The people of Pakistan also understand this very well, but its policymakers and rulers are not able to do so. Now the time has come that some more drastic measures will have to be taken to teach Pakistan a befitting lesson.

Certainly, the sacrifice of Army Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish Dhaunchak, and Jammu and Kashmir Police DSP Humayun Butt while fighting terrorists in Anantnag is a big and irreparable loss to the country. All three officers were known for their bravery and had successfully conducted many anti-terrorist operations in the past. Their sacrifice should not go in vain, and along with selectively eliminating the terrorists, Pakistan should be taught a fresh lesson because our brave officers were martyred in the ambush by Pakistani terrorists. He calls himself a local, but he has every kind of cooperation and support from the Pakistan-based terrorist organisation Lashkar. India will definitely avenge the dastardly deaths of these brave martyrs, and this time such revenge will be taken that Pakistan will think a million times before making such a mistake in the future. If India is determined, it can break the back of Pakistan and control terrorism, as the Modi government has achieved so far.

At a time when terrorism seems to be taking its last breath in Kashmir, life there is experiencing peace and tranquilly; all-round development is taking place there; the G-20 summit was also organised peacefully and successfully there; then came the Anantnag incident. The way terrorism has been brought under control after Jammu and Kashmir was made a Union Territory has uprooted terrorism in the region. This incident is the result of this panic, which shows that Pakistan-supported terrorists are trying their best to keep Kashmir disturbed by any means. That is why they are becoming active in new areas that have been free from their activities for a long time.

They are increasing their activities in South Kashmir as well as Jammu division. This is evident from the fact that, so far this year, around 26 terrorists have been killed in the border districts of Rajouri and Poonch. Terrorists are also choosing new routes for infiltration from across the border. It is clear that there is a need to increase vigil on the Pakistani border with Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir; the anti-terrorism campaign is expected to be strengthened further; and strictness should be exercised. Similarly, the campaign against the hidden supporters of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir should also be intensified. Again, attention will have to be paid to ensure that security forces do not suffer losses in any operation to eliminate terrorists. Undoubtedly, such operations are risky, but we need to be more careful as to how to protect our brave soldiers from danger. There have been some anti-terrorist operations in the past in which our soldiers have suffered losses while trying to quickly eliminate the terrorists. We have to eliminate the terrorists and also protect the precious lives of our soldiers. While doing this, we should create such a security circle that they cannot commit such audacity in the future. 

According to intelligence reports, the restlessness of the Pakistani Army has to be taken seriously. To bring back the declining morale of the terrorists, the Pakistani Army is continuously pressuring them to carry out big conspiracies and attacks, and for this, it is providing every kind of help to the terrorists, including the special commando group. The Pakistani Army has also provided weapons and other military equipment received from China to the terrorists, which also includes night vision cameras. With the help of these means, they were able to attack and escape even in the night’s darkness, and our soldiers had fallen victims to these gory machinations.

India believes in the motto Surva Bhavantu Sukhinah; it is from this Bharat Bhoomi that Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam was proclaimed, which recently during the Indian presidency of the G20 has created an environment for the entire world to develop as one family. Even though India believes in peace, co-existence, and non-violence, when those who attack it become too many, it knows how to take up weapons, attack inside, and take revenge. When the trend of overall development has started in Kashmir, then a befitting reply must be given to those elements who are challenging peace and development. It is time to show zero tolerance to the remaining satanic maniacs and terrorist elements in Kashmir. They should not be given a chance to set up a base or hide at any place in Kashmir. The terrorists have carried out this encounter with a lot of conspiracy.

Generally, if the army’s activity increases in an area, the terrorists leave that area, but if the terrorists have dared to have an encounter, then a serious assessment of the entire conspiracy behind it becomes necessary. In view of the upcoming elections, terrorists will become more active and strive to spread anarchy and unrest in the country. Elections in Kashmir can be announced at any time. In such a situation, the terrorists and their nefarious masters must be in trouble. Terrorists from Pakistan must have been signalled to do something so that the issue of Kashmir, which was completely absent during the G-20, comes back into discussion. It is also suspected that the terrorists who showed audacity in the latest encounter are foreigners; if so, then a warning should be given to the enemies with proof. It is a big truth that just as love for peace does not run on its own, it has to be run, in the same way terrorism also runs on the feet of others, the day its feet are taken away, it will become paralysed.

Pakistan may or may not benefit from terrorist attacks, but its sympathiser, China, will definitely see its own benefit in them. In such situations, for the Indian Army, the answer to violence can only be violence; direct war is the only way. Only a direct attack will break the back of the terrorist network. Now the time has come when the army and police forces should fully control their shortcomings and weaknesses and give the best results by using their best resources to end the remaining terrorism in Kashmir.