Israel's advanced air defence system in action intercepting Hamas terrorists rockets

Tel Aviv: A heavy barrage of rockets was fired at central and southern Israel late on Sunday night from the Gaza Strip, as reported by The Times of Israel.

Sirens were heard in neighbourhoods along the Gaza border, as well as in Ashkelon, Ashdod, Rehovot, and Ramle.

As the Iron Dome intercepted a large number of the rockets, loud explosions were heard, according to The Times of Israel.

However, there are currently no immediate reports of direct hits or casualties.

One of the most important tools in Israel's Arsenal, the Iron Dome missile system shoots down incoming projectiles.

Using a command-and-control system, it swiftly determines whether an approaching missile poses a threat, according to CNN. It is outfitted with a radar that can identify rockets. The Iron Domes launch missiles from the ground to destroy the rocket in the air if it represents a danger.

Amid its ongoing conflict with Hamas, Israel is relying on its missile defence system to safeguard its population.

Following a well-planned deadly invasion by Hamas on southern Israel on October 7, the short-range system's strategic significance has been highlighted majorly.

Israel has strongly responded to the terror group's attack and has bombarded Gaza with airstrikes, and it is anticipated that it will soon begin a land offensive there.

A barrage of rockets was fired at Israel previously as well, delaying the US Senators' press conference in Tel Aviv on Sunday, The Times of Israel reported. Sirens were heard in Tel Aviv, Holon and Ramat Gan, as well as in Rishon Lezion and Beit Dagan further south.

The Tel Aviv press conference with a bipartisan group of senators, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV), Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) was scheduled for 7 pm (local time).

However, it got delayed as the attendees were forced to run to bomb shelters.

According to the latest update, 1,300 people have been killed, with over 3,600 injured, reported The Jerusalem Post.

Israeli Defence Minister Gallant said that the estimated 150-200 hostages are being held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, adding, "We are making every effort to locate them even in this great complexity.