New York: Stating that the Palestinian people have the legitimate right to defend themselves against Israel even through "armed struggle", Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian called for an end to the ongoing Israeli actions in Gaza Strip.

"The genocide in Gaza must stop immediately, the forced displacement of the people of Gaza must stop immediately," Abdollahian said during his address at the special session of the UN General Assembly.

Referring to Hamas and the October 7 attacks, he stated that the history of the Palestinian issue is around 80 years and trying to reduce its dimensions to "just one attack and just one Palestinian liberation group" is a big lie.

Abdollahian said, "According to the international law and hundreds of resolutions of this very assembly the entire land of Palestine is an occupied land and because of this, the Zionist regime is recognized as an aggressor and an occupier. The Palestinian nation like any other nation under occupation has an indisputable and inherent right of self-determination and has the right to directly and freely decide its independence and create an independent government to decide for itself".

"Palestine, as a nation under occupation has the legitimate right to resist occupation including all available methods including armed struggle. Therefore, the recent hypocritical actions to introduce the struggle as a terrorist action will not deceive the free nation," he added.

The Iranian Foreign Minister also slammed the US for its support to Israel and called its actions as "clear violation" of the charter.

"The United States of America as the unwavering supporter of the occupier regime is the main cause of the failure of the United Nations, especially the Security Council...the actions of the United States...are a clear violation of the charter and international legal obligations of that country," he further said.