Defence Minister Rajnath Singh recently unveiled the Enhanced Collaborative Autonomous Rover System (ECARS) in an annual North Tech Symposium at IIT-Jammu. The specially designed ECARS is a cutting-edge 4X4 multi-terrain operative unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), which has been developed by Kalyani Strategic Systems Ltd from Pune.

The North Tech Symposium is an annual event jointly organised by the Indian Army’s Headquarters of Northern Command, the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) and IIT-Jammu. It offers a platform for defence manufacturers, industry experts, and academicians to deliberate upon the requirements of the Indian Army. The event comprises several product launches, military equipment displays, and exhibitions. The UGV ECARS were displayed at the recently concluded symposium.

State-of-the-Art Features of ECARS For Border Security

The ECARS is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) equipped with state-of-the-art features that make it a game-changer for border security. While it operates without a human onboard, it boasts an enhanced collision avoidance system and advanced mission planning capabilities, making it highly versatile for various military operations. The UGV can travel at speeds ranging between 16 and 20 kilometres per hour, with a payload capacity of 350 Kg and a towing payload capacity of 500 Kg.

The developer of UGV ECARS, Kalyani Strategic Systems Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Bharat Forge, which stands at the forefront of innovation in the field of autonomous military technology. ECARS is designed to perform a wide range of missions such as surveillance, security, rescue operations, and safety. ECARS is a crucial asset for border security, as it can conduct surveillance along the country's borders, covering a range of approximately 10 kilometres without the need for deploying soldiers. This capability is particularly significant in safeguarding India's borders, ensuring continuous monitoring and rapid response to potential threats.

Adaptability To Challenging Terrains

The UGV ECARS is adaptable to diverse terrains, including snowy mountains, making it well-suited for deployment in various border regions. Its versatility allows it to operate effectively in challenging environments, providing a constant vigilance that is vital for national security. Additionally, ECARS is equipped with a self-defence mechanism, allowing it to respond to threats autonomously. This feature includes fire-fighting capabilities and chemical spraying, further enhancing its ability to protect the border against potential adversaries.

Notably, the Indian Army first started trials of the these advanced UGVs in 2021. These ECARS play a crucial role in bolstering border security, enhancing surveillance, and ensuring a swift response to any security breaches. By reducing the need for human presence in potentially dangerous border areas, they contribute significantly to the safety and protection of India's borders. The unveiling of ECARS at the North Tech Symposium marks a significant step towards strengthening India's border security and national defence capabilities.