India's Armed Forces have performed a series of exercises in recent months in preparation for the harsh winter, when temperatures drop to minus 30 degrees Celsius on its northern and western borders.

The Indian Army and the Indian Air Force (IAF) said on Friday that they were conducting a special heliborne exercise to validate operational plans and strengthen “jointmanship and synergy” within their forces.

Troops from the Army's Charging Ram Division, which is headquartered in Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh state, and personnel from the IAF's Western Air Command are deployed in the exercise.

"Charging RAM Warriors of Indian Army's Western Command and IAF's Western Air Command undertook Special Heliborne Operations, validating operational plans and strengthening jointmanship and synergy," the Indian Army wrote on Twitter, now X.

This was the second consecutive day when the Army's Western Command was engaged in a combat exercise.

A day earlier, the South Asian nation's ground troops conducted field firing drills.

The Indian Army stressed that field firing exercises were carried out to "refine battle procedures and drills and validate combat skills to enhance mission readiness."