In a tribute to the historic military triumph during the Kargil War, the Indian Army orchestrated the ‘Honour Run – Indian Army Veteran’s Half Marathon’ in Delhi on December 10, 2023. The event, conducted under the theme ‘Honour Run,’ aimed to foster a stronger connection between the Indian Army, veterans, and the public, especially the youth. Participants from diverse backgrounds paid homage to the bravehearts, showcasing the nation’s calibre, potential, and energy.


Kargil Run (21.1 km): Commemorating the Kargil War victory
Tiger Hill Run (10 km): Symbolizing the valour of our armed forces
Tololing Run (05 km): Representing the indomitable spirit of our soldiers
Batalik Run (3 km): Honouring the sacrifices made by our military

Over 14,000 individuals, including serving personnel, veterans, NCC cadets, families of army personnel, and citizens of varying age groups, actively took part in the event.

Distinguished Guests

The event was inaugurated by General Manoj Pande, Chief of the Army Staff, and witnessed the presence of military, veteran, and civil dignitaries.

Celebrities like Maj DP Singh, a veteran Blade Runner, and Subedar Avinash Sable, an ace Marathon Runner, participated alongside senior military leadership.

The Department of Indian Army Veterans organized an Expo, providing insights into the Indian Army’s victory in the Kargil War

Various stalls showcased the military’s achievements, underscoring the high spirit of the participants.


The Indian Army expressed gratitude to the people of Delhi, Civil Administration, City and Traffic Police, participants, volunteers, supporters, and esteemed guests for the successful conduct of the mega event. The ‘Honour Run’ reinforced citizens’ belief in the Armed Forces, contributing to a sense of national pride. This initiative not only paid homage to the heroes of the Kargil War but also served as a platform to unite the community in celebrating the spirit and sacrifices of the Indian Army.