Indian Navy unveiled a new design for Admirals' epaulettes on Friday, drawing inspiration from the legacy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The unveiling of the epaulettes, a shoulder piece worn to show the rank of an officer, came three-and-a-half weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement on it.

This design shift, unveiled after Modi's Navy Day speech, reflects Indian heritage. The epaulettes now feature a golden Navy button, octagon, and crossed Indian sword-telescope with stars denoting ranks. The initiative aligns with renaming ranks and signifies a break from British nomenclature, symbolizing national pride and a forward-looking vision.

In his address at the Navy Day celebrations at Sindhudurg in Maharashtra on December 4, Modi expressed happiness that the epaulettes donned by the naval officers will now highlight the heritage and legacy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

He also recalled unveiling the naval ensign last year.

With the feeling of taking pride in one's heritage, the prime minister announced that the Indian Navy is now going to name its ranks in line with Indian traditions.

"As we usher in the new year #2024, Indian Navy proudly unveils the new design of Admirals' Epaulettes," the Navy said on X.

"Announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Navy Day 2023 at Sindhudurg -- the new design is drawn from the Naval Ensign and inspired by Rajmudra of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, and is a true reflection of our rich maritime heritage," it added.

Admirals' epaulettes now have the golden Navy button along with an octagon, and an Indian sword and a telescope crossed, followed by stars reflecting the ranks of rear admiral, vice admiral and admiral.

The Navy is in the process of renaming some of the ranks from the British nomenclature to reflect an Indian connect.

The force said the golden button reiterates "our resolve to do away with Ghulami ki Maansikta (slave mentality)".

It said the octagon represents the eight cardinal directions, indicative of an all-round long-term vision.

The sword emphasises the very essence of "our raison d'etre namely be the cutting edge of national power and win wars through dominance, defeating adversaries and overcoming every challenge", the Navy said.

It said the telescope symbolises long-term vision and foresight.

The telescope replaced the baton in the new epaulette. Earlier, a sword and the baton were in cross formation.