Moscow: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar arrived in Moscow on Monday for a four-day visit to Russia. Upon his arrival in Moscow, Jaishankar said he looked forward to his engagements in Russia.

In a post shared on X, Jaishankar stated, "Arrived in Moscow. Look forward to my engagements."

Jaishankar is on a visit to Russia from December 25 to December 29. During the visit, Jaishankar will meet with Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov to discuss matters related to economic engagement, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said in the press release. He will also meet his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.

In a press release, MEA said, "EAM will meet his counterpart, the Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, for discussion on bilateral, multilateral and international issues."Jaishankar's visit to Russia will include engagements in Moscow and St Petersburg.

In the press release, MEA stated, "Focusing on the strong people-to-people and cultural ties between our two countries, EAM's programme will include engagements in Moscow and in St Petersburg."

"The time-tested India-Russia partnership has remained stable and resilient and continues to be characterised by the spirit of the Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership," it added.

As per Indian figures, bilateral trade between India and Russia during April 2020-March 2021 amounted to USD 8.1 billion, according to the Embassy of India in Russia. Indian exports amounted to USD 2.6 billion, while imports from Russia amounted to USD 5.48 billion.

As per Russian figures, bilateral trade between India and Russia amounted to USD 9.31 billion, with Indian exports amounting to USD 3.48 billion and imports amounting to USD 5.83 billion, according to the Embassy of India in Russia.

Earlier in September, S Jaishankar said India-Russia ties might not be spectacular but are very "exceptional and steady," adding that in many ways Moscow's relationship with the West has "broken down."

Speaking at Hudson University, Jaishankar compared Russia's ties with India to those with other countries, adding that they have been very steady."If you consider international relations over the last 70 years, the US-Russian relations, the China-Russia relations, the US-China relations--pretty much every big relationship in the last 70 years has seen a great deal of volatility; you had sharp ups and downs," Jaishankar said, adding, "India-Russia relations are very exceptional. It's been very steady."

Noting that India-Russia relations may "not be spectacular," Jaishankar said they have stabilised at a certain level but have not seen the ups and downs that Moscow's relationships with China, the US, or Europe have been through.

He added, "And that's in itself a statement.""Now, if one looks at Russia a consequence of what is going on in seems to them clear that in many ways Russia's relationship with the West has broken down," he said.

On why Russia's emphasis on India is increasing, Jaishankar said, "India will and has come into calculations as well. So I would predict a Russia that would consciously focus on the non-Western world away from Europe and away from the United States, look much more at Asia, and possibly look at other regions as well. But Asia is economically the most active. So I guess that's what you're going to see."