Chief of Defence Staff, General Anil Chouhan on Tuesday said that the outcome of any combat is dependent on three big tangible elements that are technology, tactics and organizational structures.

General Anil Chouhan along with the chief of three defence forces- Army, Air and Navy addressed young cadets at the event to celebrate 75 years of the National Defence Academy.

"Leadership in the armed forces is generally excised in combat or war, or as a run-up to it. The outcome of any combat, in fact, the smallest form of engagement to the largest campaign or battle, I believe is dependent on three big tangible elements. These are technology, tactics and organizational structures. However, there's a common intangible thread of military leadership that runs across the entire spectrum of combat as a battle-winning factor. The leadership requirements are different as per the nature of combat," General Anil Chouhan said.

He further added that at the very engagement level in the direct military leadership is the follow-me kind of leadership which emanates from the belief that an officer is born to lead.

"It's a combination of daring and self-confidence which is important. At the level of battle where probably occupational art is exercised, say at the unit or brigade level is a mix of direct or indirect leadership. The leader will be present at the most critical battle, rest of the places, he places his trust on his subordinates," he added.

The Chief of Defence Staff also asserted that the leaders must be agile thinkers.

"Subordinates must have faith in their leaders. Military leadership is complex. The most carefully laid out plans go airy after the first bullet is fired. Leaders, must therefore must be agile thinkers, capable of navigating complex situations with creativity and resilience. Military academies and their training generate similar ideas and ideals," the CDS said.

"Cadets, I must say a job like the light brigade is to fight and not to question why. We must be prepared to go into battle with resolve and without a doubt," he added.