Skardu: For the eleventh consecutive day, protests against the surge in wheat prices and the removal of subsidies persisted in various cities across Pakistan-administered Kashmir (PoK), the vernacular media Daily K2 reported.

Cities including Skardu, Ganche, Shigar, and Yasin witnessed the sit-ins against the increase in the price of wheat, where the protestors announced that they would not back down until the cruel rise in the price of wheat are withdrawn.

Speaking at the protest sit-in at Yadgar Chowk, leaders including Chairman of the All Party Alliance Ghulam Hussain Athar, Sheikh Ahmed Tarabi, Najaf Ali, Wazir Hasnain Aqeel, Advocate Ahmed Chau, and Wajid Ahmed Khan asserted that if the hike in wheat prices is not reversed, their next move would be the Chief Minister's House.

They further mentioned that the Commissioner House is also in their view. All options are open. "We will not hesitate to make any sacrifice to protect people's rights. Increase in the price of wheat. There is a drone attack on the people here," they said.

Moreover, they emphasised that the rulers should end their luxury. The price of wheat will further increase, according to Daily K2.

The protesters emphasized their unwavering stance, declaring that the sit-in would persist until the price hike is rolled back, asserting that the government would be compelled to yield. They vowed not to retreat from their demands.

Meanwhile, the number of people at the sit-in is increasing day-by-day. The days of the government are numbered. In Ganche, heavy protests are going on daily in the constituency of Provincial Minister Engineer Muhammad Ismail.

They further stressed that if the rulers did not withdraw their decision, the protest would continue.

On the call of the Awami Action Committee, people are protesting strongly in different areas of the Masherbrum sub-division, they added.

A protest was held at Hussaini Chowk in Shigar for the eleventh consecutive day, as reported by Daily K2.

After Friday prayers, hundreds of people participated in the protest at Hussaini Chowk, raised slogans against the government for increasing wheat prices, and demanded the provincial government withdraw the notification.

The leaders of the People and Awami Action Committee highlighted that the Gilgit-Baltistan government is showing stubbornness and negligence in withdrawing the decision to increase the price of wheat, which is causing serious concern to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

They further added that if the provincial government continues to persecute the people, the issue will not be limited to wheat subsidies; the nation is organised and will carry forward the protest movement with full preparation.

Moreover, on the call of Awami Action Committee Yasin, the ongoing public sit-in regarding wheat subsidies entered its third day.

Political leaders, nationalist leaders from different areas of Yasin, and youths joined the sit-in, as reported by Daily K2.