Khuzdar: The recent explosion in Khuzdar's market in Baluchistan has sparked widespread concern and condemnation. Baloch activists have unequivocally labelled the incident as yet another tragic chapter in what they perceive as an ongoing genocide against the Baloch people.

Baloch activist Mahrang Baloch criticised the Pakistani government for its failure to maintain law and order situation in Baluchistan. She accused the government of allowing criminal groups to operate in the region.

In a post on X, Mahrang Baloch stated, "The bomb blast in Khuzdar on the occasion of Eid and in the month of Ramadan is a continuation of the incidents of Baloch genocide. The state has allowed criminal gangs and individuals to play bloodbaths on Baloch land, but the Baloch will continue to resist this immunity and monopoly."

Another Baloch activist, Brahag Baloch, alleged the involvement of Pakistani intelligence agencies in orchestrating the Khuzdar blast.

Brahag Baloch, another vocal voice on X, went a step further, alleging the involvement of Pakistani intelligence agencies in orchestrating the Khuzdar blast. According to Brahag, these agencies are clandestinely using criminal elements to sow fear and chaos within the Baloch community.

"Eastern Baluchistan: Khuzdar blast is the work of Pakistani intelligence agencies, after the target killing, abduction & mutilated bodies of Baloch, now the state of Pakistan is creating an atmosphere of fear by blowing explosives through criminal elements," Brahag Baloch posted on X.

The Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC), a prominent advocate for Baloch rights, expressed deep concern over the bomb blast. Calling for international intervention, the BYC urged the global community to hold the perpetrators accountable for their heinous actions.

It is imperative to note that the BYC has long been at the forefront of advocacy efforts in Baluchistan, highlighting issues such as enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, military operations, forced displacements, and economic oppression.

The blast on April 7, which claimed several lives and left many others injured, underscores the deteriorating security situation in Baluchistan.

Initial police investigations suggest that the explosives were planted on a motorcycle, causing devastation in a densely populated market area where women and children were present.

Amidst growing insecurity, local residents have called upon the United Nations and human rights organizations to intervene and hold the authorities accountable for crimes committed in Baluchistan.

Activists have demanded a thorough investigation by the United Nations Working Group to uncover the truth behind such incidents.

In the backdrop of Baluchistan's underdevelopment and allegations of widespread human rights abuses by Pakistan's intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), calls for accountability resonate louder than ever.

It is essential for the international community to heed these calls and work towards ensuring justice and peace in Baluchistan.

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