New Delhi: Despite the war with Ukraine, nearly 25,000 to 30,000 Indian students are studying in Russia, as it is a popular choice for Indian students to pursue a medical career. Moreover, the country is the sixth most popular destination for Indian students to study abroad, behind Germany.

Ever since the war started in 2022, concerns have persisted regarding the safety and presence of Indian students in Russian universities, however, a senior Russian official has revealed that the number of Indian students in Russia has not decreased over the past two years, despite the ongoing war.

Director of the Russian House in New Delhi, Oleg Osipov highlighted the vastness of Russia, emphasising that Indian students have the opportunity to study in various regions beyond conflict zones, including Crimea, Sevastopol, and western parts of the country. He further mentioned the availability of educational opportunities in regions such as the Urals, Siberia, the Far East, and the capital cities.

"Well, in the past two years, the number (of Indian students) hasn't become lower, you know and as for the conditions of Indian students learning in studying in Russian universities, I should say some of them are studying in Crimea, in the cities of Sevastopol and the western parts of Russia," he said in an interview with ANI.

"Russia is a big country. It's a very vast country. So they (students) may also go to study in other regions, such as Urals, Siberia, the Fareast and also, of course, the capitals...," he added.

While acknowledging that the cost of living may vary depending on the region, Osipov assured that the quality of education remains consistent across Russian universities. He also noted that there are no special safety measures in place for Indian students, as safety protocols are universal for all residents and foreigners in Russia.

Regarding the number of Indian students in Russia, Osipov mentions varying statistics, ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 roughly. "Well, statistics differs from giving the exact number. I think it's very difficult to see the number, but I have seen different figures. They differ from 25,000 to 30,000 Indian students studying in Russia."

In the wake of Russia's invasion, nearly 18,000 students were evacuated from Ukraine in 2022.

He expressed Russia's longstanding tradition of welcoming Indian students, citing historical ties and the significant contributions made by Indian alumni in various sectors upon returning to India.

"In terms of education, Indian students are always welcome in Russia. They have always been welcomed during the Soviet times. And some very many Indian young people studied in our country... I think they have occupied some important places in the economy, in medicine, in the sphere of education and other spheres," said Osipov.

In terms of subjects offered, Osipov highlighted a diverse range of disciplines, including medicine, philology, physics, aerospace technologies, chemistry, and psychology.

He also points out the cultural openness of Russia towards India, citing the presence of two television channels dedicated solely to Indian films.

"You know that we have two TV channels dedicated to Indian films. There is no other country in the world where two round-the-clock channels would be dedicated to films from another country. You know, we don't have films from other countries...," said the senior Russian official.

His remarks come ahead of the Indo-Russian Education Summit to be held in the national capital from April 11 to 13. 

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