BEL's Robotic Surveillance Platform is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). The vehicle is capable of navigating to user specified waypoints while detecting and avoiding obstacles.

A robotic surveillance platform is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that can navigate to specified waypoints, detect and avoid obstacles, and perform surveillance and patrolling. It can also stream high-definition video and operate during the day or night.

BEL's Robotic surveillance platforms uses sensors, and hi-technology to navigate environments, detect anomalies, and report them. It can move in complex terrain, work for longer periods of time, and are cost-effective.

In summary, the UGV is a powerful tool that enhances security by providing precise surveillance capabilities. Whether it’s monitoring critical infrastructure, safeguarding public spaces, or ensuring workplace safety, this robotic platform is at the forefront of security technology.

Features And Application

Operational capabilities: Endurance up to 4 hours, Max. Speed 3.6Km/Hr
Waypoint Navigation and Remote Control operation
High-Definition Video Streaming
Day and Night operation
Obstacle Detection and Obstacle Avoidance
Surveillance and Patrolling applications