Jalgot: The RCC bridge connecting Jaglot and Bonji in Pakistan-occupied Gilgit Baltistan (PoGB) now stands as a stark example of poor infrastructural development. Local reports revealed on Monday that the bridge, now in a shambles, poses a significant risk of accidents.

The construction of this bridge began two years ago but was abruptly halted, leaving it unusable due to the lack of a connecting road. Despite being incomplete, locals have been forced to use it for transit. This situation is emblematic of several abandoned projects across PoGB, reflecting a waste of significant investments.

Interestingly, a previously constructed wooden bridge now serves as a major transit route for locals and is in better condition than the unfinished RCC bridge. A local expert criticised the quality of materials used in such projects, suggesting substandard construction practices.

Residents have long expressed frustration over deteriorating infrastructure and poor road conditions in the region. Members of the Awami Action Committee (AAC) voiced disappointment with the government's failure to provide basic amenities, highlighting the dire state of local roadways.

"The roads are so poorly maintained that people transporting sacks of wheat risk falling into the river," an AAC activist lamented. "The authorities must act urgently to improve conditions in Khanbari. The residents are distressed, yet their pleas remain unheard, underscoring the incompetence and apathy of the local government."

In response to persistent neglect, AAC leaders have threatened to initiate a 'Chakka Jam' strike across Gilgit-Baltistan if immediate action is not taken to address the road issues in Khanbari.

"For years, residents of Pakistan-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan have protested against inadequate road infrastructure and government indifference to their grievances," the report concluded.

The administration, acting as a proxy for higher authorities, has consistently ignored public concerns, opting to suppress dissent rather than resolve underlying issues.

(With Agency Inputs)