New Delhi: In the recent fire incident in Kuwait's Mangaf, in which at least 45 Indians were killed, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal assured that the injured were under proper care and embassy officials were in regular touch with the hospital authorities.

Addressing a weekly media briefing on Friday, Randhir Jaiswal said, "There are presently 17 Indian patients in 4 Kuwaiti hospitals who were injured in the June 12 fire accident in Kuwait."

"They are receiving proper medical care and attention. They are in stable condition, as per the hospital authorities. The Embassy officials are in regular touch with the hospital authorities, patients and the company. The Embassy Team is paying visits to all hospitals on a daily basis for a first-hand report," he added.

Further, the MEA also told reporters that the mortal remains were brought to India on June 14.

Answering queries during the weekly media briefing, Randhir Jaiswal addressed the compensation issue and clarified that PM Modi announced ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakhs for the deceased from PM National Relief Fund and Rs 50,000 for those injured on that day only.

"In addition, different state governments have also announced their compensation for those who have died and those who have died in the strategy. On the part of the Kuwaiti government, the Emir has announced USD 15,000 as compensation to people who have died," Jaiswal said.

The Ministry also highlighted that not only the government but also the companies have announced aid for the injured and for the deceased as well.

"The company has announced payment of  ₹8 lakhs to the next of kin for people who have died. They have also, in addition, the insurance money will come from the insurance company. The company is also providing compensation of ₹2 lakhs to all those who are injured, plus their medical expenses are being covered by the company and the company will also undertake rehabilitation for those who are injured," said Jaiswal.

Meanwhile, when asked about the French journalist allegedly leaving the country because of the expiration of his visa, MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said, "Sebastien Farcis is an OCI card holder. If you are an OCI card holder, you need permission or a work permit to carry on your journalistic activities."

"He applied in May of 2024 and his application is still under consideration. The question of his leaving the country is a decision for him to take. If he has taken it, that's fine. But, his work permit application is still under consideration. He had reapplied it here in May of 2024..." he added.

Following this, the Journalist also raised questions about Ladakh's Galwan Valley to which MEA replied and said, "Regarding Galwan, we have stated earlier also that there are two-fold talks underway. One is military to military and the other on the political level... We want there to be peace at the border..."

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