New Delhi: Regarding Chinese aggressiveness in the South China Sea, the Ministry of External Affairs said that India has clarified its position several times as to how it looks at this situation and emphasised the importance of international law, respect for a rules-based order and peaceful resolution of disputes.

When asked about India's position on the ongoing situation in the South China Sea, MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said that India opposes any actions that could destabilise the region, adding that they are inclined towards peaceful settlements of these disputes.

"We have on several occasions also clarified our position as to how we look at developments in that part of the world. We've always emphasised our adherence to international law, respect for a rules-based order, and the resolution of disputes in a peaceful manner," said Randhir Jaiswal while addressing a weekly press briefing on Friday.

"We also believe that there should not be any incident or approach that destabilises the region. That is how we answer your question about the South China Sea and the developments that are happening in the South China Sea. We are inclined to be peaceful settlements of these people," he added.

Meanwhile, in the briefing, Randhir Jaiswal also clarified regarding External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar's and Chinese envoy's meetings and said that when foreign ministers visit India, they are called as a matter of courtesy, describing it as normal practice.

Further, he also added that recently, the High Commissioners of New Zealand and Kuwait, and several other diplomats, met with our Foreign Minister

"When the foreign ministers come here, they are called as a matter of courtesy. This is a normal practice. The Chinese ministers came and called on the foreign minister. Apart from that, the High Commissioner of New Zealand, Kuwait, and many other countries met with the Foreign Minister of the Foreign Ministry," said MEA.

Recently, there was a violent clash between Chinese and Philippine sailors near the Second Thomas Shoal, about 200 km away from Palawan Island.

During that incident, the Chinese forces injured Filipino navy personnel and damaged at least two military boats in the South China Sea.

Additionally, the Filipino sailors also accused Chinese coastguards of stealing and damaging their equipment, the Al Jazeera report claimed.

In response to this incident, Philippines' President Ferdinand Marcos Jr has said at the headquarters of Philippine South China Sea forces on Palawan Island that the nation would not be intimidated by Beijing's expansionist acts, Al Jazeera reported.

Notably, the incidents of confrontations in the South China Sea have been continuing despite an international tribunal ruling its claim to have "no legal basis" in 2016.

China has made expansionist claims over almost the entire South China Sea, claiming it to be under the Nine-Dash Line. The same news report also claimed that the country has also built artificial islands and military outposts near the reef.

(With Inputs From Agencies)