London: The Sindhi Foundation, a Washington-based human rights body focusing on the human rights of Sindhis in Pakistan and elsewhere, on Tuesday announced it would organise a long march on the streets of London to commemorate the abduction of Priya Kumari, a young Hindu girl, on June 14.

The long march will stretch from 10 Downing Street to Pakistan's High Commission, a statement by the social organization stated.

The long march has been organised in remembrance of the enforced disappearance of a young girl, Priya Kumari who was forcibly abducted in Pakistan three years ago, the statement read.

Sufi Munawar Laghari, the executive director of the Sindhi Foundation said, "We the Sindhis living in London and elsewhere over the globe have taken to the streets of London along with humanist people, women, and men, with conscience, to seek justice for Priya Kumari and bring her back to home. Priya Kumari had been abducted three years ago when she was only seven years old."

The statement further claimed that the girl was abducted near her home in her village Sangrar near Sukkur in Sindh province.

"A Hindu girl who was abducted near her home when she was serving water to the thirsty mourners on the day of lamentation in commemoration of Imam Hussain and his companions on the 10th day of Muharram, at her village Sangrar near Sukkur in Sindh province," it read.

The statement further claimed that since then, Priya Kumari has been missing but the highly politicized Police in Sindh have miserably failed to recover her, despite being fully aware of the whereabouts of the abducted minor Sindhi Hindu girl.

Pakistan is a signatory of the UN General Assembly's Declaration of the Rights of Children and other international instruments for the protection of children's rights. Yet, numerous children including Priya Kumari are under the captivity of their captors in Sindh a province of Pakistan, Munawar Laghari said, according to the statement.

Laghari further in the statement alleged that "the abductors of Priya Kumari belong to the political power corridors, secondly, Priya Kumari hails from the community of Sindhi Hindus whose daughters are victims of forced conversions to Islam."

The executive director of the Sindhi Foundation added that there are hundreds of Sindhi-Hindu young women and girls who are forcibly converted on an everyday basis in Sindh which goes unabated, Laghari said.

"That is why we are out to the streets and knocking at the doors of power in London to apprise the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and his government to persuade Pakistan to bring the abducted Priya Kumari to her home" the statement mentioned.

Sufi Munawar Laghari further declared that they will present the memorandums to the staff of the Prime Minister of the UK and the Pakistani High Commissioner about the plight of Priya Kumari and her parents.

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