China has been involved in supporting Pakistan's nuclear program, which has raised concerns about its role in fuelling Pakistan's nuclear ambitions against India. China has provided critical technical assistance and nuclear materials to Pakistan, as well as assistance in the construction of Pakistan's nuclear weapons development facilities. This support from China has contributed to the development and enhancement of Pakistan's nuclear capabilities, including the advancement of its missile technology.

The nuclear competition in South Asia involves India, China, and Pakistan. As India strengthens its strategic capabilities and nuclear arsenal, Pakistan feels pressure to build out its own nuclear arsenal, which further threatens the fragile stability between India and Pakistan.

It is important to note that the possession of nuclear weapons by these countries is primarily viewed as a tool of deterrence rather than an indication of an imminent crisis or war. However, the involvement of China in Pakistan's nuclear program has raised concerns about the potential for instability in the region.

Overall, while China's support for Pakistan's nuclear program is a factor in the nuclear competition between India and Pakistan, it is just one aspect of a complex and multifaceted issue. The geopolitical dynamics and security concerns of all three countries contribute to the evolving nuclear landscape in South Asia.

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