Bangkok: In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, Debvajracharya, Deputy Abbot of Wat Pho, extended thanks on behalf of Thai citizens to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the India-facilitated recent exposition of Buddha relics in Thailand.

This gesture, aimed at fostering spiritual connection and cultural exchange, has deeply resonated with the Thai community.

"On behalf of the Thai people, we are thankful to Prime Minister Modi, who sent the Buddhist relics to Thailand. This Buddhist relic is very important for Thai Buddhist devotees," Debvajracharya told ANI, emphasising the significance of the relics.

He underscored the event's role in strengthening ties between the peoples of Thailand and India, noting, "This event signifies good friendship between Thai people and Indian people."

Reflecting on his personal experiences in India, Debvajracharya highlighted the cultural bonds shared between the two nations through Buddhism, which was introduced to Thailand centuries ago. "We adopted Buddhism from India," he explained, "When the King Asoka sent nine legendary monks to Suvarnabhumi, Thailand adopted Buddhism as the national religion."

Furthermore, Debvajracharya touched upon the cultural significance of Indian epics in Thailand, noting the reverence for characters like Ram from the Ramayana. "In Thailand, we call it Ramakyam," he clarified, illustrating the enduring influence of Indian literature and spirituality on Thai culture.

The exchange of Buddhist relics, facilitated by the Indian government, not only deepens religious ties but also serves as a testament to the enduring cultural connections between Thailand and India.

The relics of Lord Buddha and his two disciples were displayed across four cities in Thailand from February 22 to March 18.

Earlier, Thailand Ambassador to India, Pattarat Hongtong also thanked the Indian government for the exposition of sacred relics of Lord Buddha in Thailand and said that this would attract more Thai people to visit India and reconnect with their roots.

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