NEW DELHI: In yet another bid to raise Kashmir at UN Security Council, China on Wednesday gave notice for discussion on issue. The discussion was slated for late in the night after informal consultations on other issues.

However, the move is likely to be thwarted again with French diplomatic sources saying the issue could only be resolved bilaterally. French sources said France knew a UNSC member wanted to raise the Kashmir issue but it was opposed to it. “France’s position has not changed and is very clear: The Kashmir issue must be settled bilaterally — as we have stated on several occasions and will continue to reiterate it to our partners on the UNSC,” a French source said.

Last month, France, the US, the UK and Russia had foiled an attempt by China to discuss Kashmir at a closed-door meeting of the UNSC. A closed-door meeting had been called to discuss an issue relating to an African country. China made a request to deliberate on the Kashmir issue under the agenda of “any other business points”.