Delhi Police sources of ANI further claimed that, as per probe, Sharjeel Imam is 'high radicalised', who also believes that India should be an 'Islamic State.'

Sharjeel Imam, the JNU student and former co-organiser of Shaheen Bagh admitted that his 'seditious' speech was not tampered after being arrested in Bihar on Tuesday. Delhi Police sources of news wire ANI further claimed that the probe divulged that Sharjeel Imam is 'high radicalised', who also believes that India should be an 'Islamic State.'

According to ANI sources, Delhi Police said, "Interrogation has revealed that Sharjeel Imam is highly radicalised and believes that India should be an Islamic state, he has also admitted that no tampering has been done with the videos of his different speeches." Sharjeel Imam was arrested by Delhi Police after a four day hunt in Bihar's Jehanabad on Tuesday. The man-hunt for Sharjeel Imam began after he was caught on tape making a provocative speech amid the anti-CAA stir, by suggesting to 'cut off Assam'.

Earlier on Monday, Imam's home in Jahanabad was raided, it was further reported by ANI that Jahanabad police had even detained his brother. In addition to his hometown, the Delhi Police on Monday conducted raids across Mumbai, Patna, Delhi. Until Tuesday morning, three complaints and one FIR under section 153 of IPC had been filed against Imam at various locations. Moreover, along with Delhi Police, the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh formed 16 teams to find him.

CPI(M) leader and former JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar on Wednesday clarified that he had 'ideological differences' with Sharjeel Imam, further asserting that his 'intentional' arrest is only to divert from the important issues ahead of Delhi Assembly elections. The statement comes after Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday claimed that 'Sharjeel Imam was more dangerous than Kanhaiya Kumar.'

A former Shaheen Bagh organiser, Sharjeel Imam, concerned over the politicisation of the protest site with the hijack of political parties on January 2 announced to withdraw the movement over social media. He said, "to avoid the impending violence from party goons and to avoid politicisation of the stage by parties." The protests gaining momentum amid media coverage, political parties were seen hovering around the area to allegedly gain electoral brownie points.

Sharjeel Imam's Provocative Speech

A video emerged, wherein Sharjeel Imam was seen instructing the Muslim community in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh on 16 January to cut off Assam from India by blocking the railways, roads. Claiming the detention of Assamese Muslims in the state's camps due to exclusion from NRC, Imam is seen instigating Muslims to 'use their anger productively'. Stating that this is the only way to make the Centre listen to them, he advised Muslims to do 'chakka jaam' to help Assam out of its turmoil.

He added, "Do you know what is happening to Assamese Muslims? NRC is already applied there, they have been put in detention centres. We may come to know that in 6-8 months all Bengalis have been killed - Hindu or Muslim. If we want to help Assam, then we will have to stop the way to Assam for the Indian Army and other supplies. The 'Chicken Neck ' belongs to the Muslims."