Shortly after his comments on the border dispute, top retired generals of the Indian Army issued a statement slamming Rahul Gandhi for his 'lack of knowledge'

Shortly after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi passed insensitive comments attempting to fearmonger amid tensions at the India-China border, top retired generals of the Indian Army issued a joint statement slamming Rahul Gandhi for his 'lack of knowledge' and attempt to ignore 'blunders' during Nehru's political tenure. 

"Does Rahul Gandhi know that Tibet was handed over to China on a platter by Mr Nehru and China constructed roads through Aksai Chin later and occupied it when Nehru was Prime Minister?" remarked the statement. 

The opposition parties especially the Congress party have been demanding details regarding the diplomatic talks that are ongoing between China and India. A few days ago Rahul Gandhi while politicising the issue took a jibe at Amit Shah's comments during his Bihar rally saying that everyone knew the 'reality' of what was happening at the border. Shortly after he had tweeted saying 'Chinese have taken our territory in Ladakh,' questioning why the PM 'was silent.'

"Let us not forget that the issue of the border dispute in Ladakh is a Nationa Security issue. Every detail of the discussion and related events cannot be divulged till the issue is finally resolved to our satisfaction," read the statement.

The Joint Statement has been issued by renowned Army veterans such as Lt Gen JBS Yadav (Retd), Lt Gen HS Kanwar (Retd), Lt Gen RN Singh (Retd), Lt Gen SK Patyal (Retd), Lt Gen Nitin Kohli (Retd), Maj Gen PK Mullick VSM (Retd), Lt Gen VK Chaturvedi (Retd), Lt Gen Sunit Kumar (Retd), and Maj Gen M Srivastava (Retd).

'Opposition Parties Need To Be Sensitive'

The Army Veterans also added that the valour of the Indian armed forces was acknowledged across the world and did not need 'a certificate' from leaders and political parties who were blinded by their political interests.

"Opposition parties need to be sensitive and support such important matters of national security, sovereignty and support the government in its endeavour to resolve the border issue with China. Any attempts to contrary is unforgivable and prejudicial to national interests," concluded the statement.