There is some good news coming in from the MiG corporation as they have developed a patent for an intelligent system for highly manoeuvrable combat aircraft protection against going beyond critical g-loads.

​Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

“Increasing automation, ease of operation and flight safety – is our priority for customers of existing and perspective “MiG” aircraft. The new automated intelligent g-load limit control system is being integrated in our modern aircraft,” said MiG Corporation Director General, Ilya Tarasenko.

​Enhancing Fight Safety

The new development will enhance flight safety and allow the pilot to conduct intensive air combat, without paying attention to the instrument panel. The technology will be used for MiG-29M/M2 and MiG-35 aircraft.

​Next Generation Fighters

Modern multirole “4++” and “5” generation aircraft are able to carry out assigned missions at g-loads up to 9G. When a pilot performs a highly manoeuvring air combat he has to monitor flight modes on the instrument panel displays. The new automated system, combined with “MiG” helmet mounted target designation system allows the pilot to concentrate on combat missions and maintain high manoeuvrability without rechecking the flight data.

Breaking Records

The new system also allows options of critical g-load increase at the range of 1-2G by applying additional force on the aircraft control stick as well as the system temporary or complete switch-off.