NEW DELHI: Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat on Friday said that the situation along the LAC in eastern Ladakh "remains tense."

China's PLA is however, facing "unanticipated consequences for its misadventure in Ladakh," said Rawat.

The CDS also reiterated India's position on the LAC, saying, "Our posturing is unambiguous; we will not accept any shift in Line of Actual Control."

A full scale conflict with China is unlikely but "border confrontations and unprovoked military actions spiralling into larger conflict can't be discounted," said Rawat.

Rawat also listed a range of factors, such as China’s support to Pakistan, the border dispute and the BRI project that would ensure that the India-China ties remain a "fundamentally competitive" relationship in the near future.

India and China have been engaged in a border stand-off for the better part of last six months. The tensions between the two giants escalated when Indian and Chinese troops clashed in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh on June 15, that left 20 Indian soldiers dead. China has not officially acknowledged the number of casualties on its side.

The former Army chief also said the Balakot and the surgical strikes have sent us a strong message to Pakistan.

"Pakistan no longer enjoys impunity of pushing terrorists into India under nuclear bogey," added Rawat.

The Chief of Defence Staff said despite internal problems, failing economy, international isolation and vitiated civil-military relations, Pakistan will continue to "profess" that Kashmir is their "unfinished agenda".

"And their Army will continue to raise the bogey of an existential threat from India to justify their disproportionately large strength and need for funds to maintain its war fighting capabilities," said Gen Rawat."