A couple of days before the opening of the Air Show, ROSTEC announced that on the first day of MAKS-2021 it will present a fundamentally new military aircraft. "Russia is one of the few countries in the world that has full-cycle technologies for the production of promising aviation complexes, as well as a recognized "trendsetter" in the creation of combat aircraft.

The new product developed by UAC specialists will cause genuine interest not only in Russia, but also in other regions of the world, including among competitors abroad, ROSTEC corporation informed.

However, the first pictures is proving out to be a big disappointment as far this writer is concerned. The fighter seems run-of-the-mill with no dramatic or revolutionary design features visible, it appears to be a direct offspring of its larger and older sibling namely the Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighter, but better visuals may throw light a better prospect.

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