The meeting, to be headed by National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval, assumes significance in view of the humanitarian crisis and security concerns following the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. India believes that the instability of Afghanistan can be a big threat to the entire region and the world including India. India is also seeing new threats in terms of internal security. Let us tell you that on November 10, India is organizing the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue.

Sources say that India is also eyeing the dubious role of Pakistan in Afghanistan. India will continue to expose Pakistan in view of its lax policy on terrorism. Sources say that Pakistan’s stand on an important issue like security shows that its intentions are not right. Its stand on terrorism is erratic. Instead of pressuring the Taliban for an inclusive regime, he is working on a plan to pursue his nefarious designs.

Significantly, all the meetings on Afghanistan so far have been held in West Asia along with Russia and Central Asia. Now India has taken such initiative. Close neighbouring countries but also all the republics of Central Asia are participating in the meeting. It is believed that India wants a concrete action plan and a common strategy on terrorism. Due to the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan, the concern of the world including India, America, Russia has increased.

India fears that if the Taliban rule does not follow the rules, standards, it will not only destabilize Central Asia, but Afghanistan will become a haven for terror, smuggling, narcotics and weapons. Even before this, India had expressed its concerns at all major forums. India believes that if timely steps are not taken, then the land of Afghanistan can prove to be a safe haven for banned terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed. Especially in Kashmir, new threats of terrorism may have to be faced. Indian security agencies are also worried about the indications about the spread of radicalism.