Among the products handed over to the armed forces include a counter-drone system, Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon, Modular Bridge System and Advanced Chaff Technology

To boost India's defence capabilities, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday handed over a slew of home-grown products to the armed forces. Among the products handed over to the armed forces include a counter-drone system, Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon, Modular Bridge System and Advanced Chaff Technology.

The DRDO has designed and developed a counter-drone system to mitigate and negate the impact of enemy drones. The system will be used for the detection, deterrence and destruction of incoming drones. The counter-drone systems which the country currently have can only detect large and fast-moving aerial objects. The newly developed counter-drone system will now be able to detect and destroy the small drone flying at a low level. It has a range of 4-6 km. Rajnath handed over the system to Chief of Integrated Staff Committee Air Marshal BR Krishna for the three Services.

Smart Anti Airfield Weapon

It is a low weight, air-launch, long-range, stand-off, air to surface smart bomb with an engagement range of 100km. The SAAW system is capable of destroying the enemy airfield assets like radar, bunkers, taxi tracks, runways, fuel depots among others. It can carry multiple missions in a single sortie. It has pinpoint accuracy of ground targets.

The defence minister also handed over the DRDO-developed Transfer of Technology agreements to Industry. The technologies include coastal surveillance radar, automatic chemical agent detection and alarm and chemical agent monitor, unit maintenance vehicle for MBT Arjun and fused silica-based ceramic fire suppressing gel.

'Late Gen Bipin Rawat's Projects Will Be Completed'

The projects initiated by Late CDS Gen Bipin Rawat that include modernisation and integration of the armed forces will be completed in time, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a seminar organised by DRDO on 'Preparing For The Future', Rajnath said, “I want to assure the nation from this platform that we will make sure that the work started by CDS regarding modernisation and integration of three forces will be completed in time and in no way it would be stopped.”

On the occasion, the minister handed over indigenously-developed defence products, including a counter-drone system, Smart Anti Airfield Weapon among others to the armed forces. Expressing hope that India would export defence products to friendly countries in the years to come, the defence minister said, "We have just handed over the indigenous equipment to the armed forces and also given the ToT to private industries. It certifies that we are ready to create such a defence industrial base that not only cater to domestic requirements but also supply to friendly foreign countries in the times to come to meet their needs."

Urging the scientists to take a leap in defence technologies worldwide, Rajnath said, "The world has always followed the leaders and we have to take a lead in the defence technology. We will have to take a lead in those technologies which a few countries have. For example, the ballistic missile system is getting robust. To maintain minimum credible deterrence we will have to think about hypersonic cruise missiles. This would be a revolutionary change in our defence system."