Beijing: China's promotion of Russian propaganda indicates where its loyalties lie. China's Twitter-like platform, Weibo posted images related to provincial education bureaus holding compulsory guidance meetings to make teachers across the country correctly understand the situation in Ukraine.

It is explained to them that Russia is not at fault and all the faults lie with the US, NATO and Ukraine.

Chinese Twitter accounts have noted that these meetings are not only mandatory for university teachers but also for high school and middle school teachers.

China is in fact, embracing Russian propaganda and its version of war. China's state-owned media outlets quoted their Russian counterparts' coverage without verification, helping to magnify their disinformation on the Chinese internet. They put Russian officials on state television networks with little pushback on their claims, New York Times reported.

Chinese officials seem to adopt a "neutral position" in public statements and at international summits over the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Beijing's true intentions have always been known to the world.

China has neither condemned Russian actions in Ukraine nor ruled out the possibility of Beijing acting as a mediator in a push for peace.

According to CNN, an alternate reality is playing out for China's 1.4 billion people, one in which the "action" is nothing more than a "special military operation," according to its national broadcaster CCTV. While the other one propaganda China is doing that the United States may be funding a biological weapons program in Ukraine.

According to an analysis, nearly 5,000 social media posts from 14 Chinese state media outlets during the first eight days of Russia's military operations were posted onto China's Twitter-like platform, Weibo.

The analysis found that of the more than 300 most-shared posts about the events in Ukraine -- which were each shared more than 1,000 times -- almost half, about 140, were pro-Russian, often containing information attributed to a Russian official or picked up directly from Russia's state media, CNN reported.