Copenhagen: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asked the Indian diaspora in Denmark to work as "Rashtradoot" (representatives of the country) and urged them to invite their peers to India under the "Chalo India" banner.

During the interaction with the Indian community in Copenhagen, PM Modi said, "You should inspire at least five of your friends to visit India...and people will say 'Chalo India'."

PM Modi also talked about the 'LIFE' - Lifestyle for the environment to improve our planet and invited Danish "friends" to come to India to jointly find answers to the problems of the planet.

"I talk about 'LIFE' - Lifestyle for the environment; we have to give up the consumption-oriented approach, use and throw is negative for the planet. Our consumption should be determined by our needs, not the size of our pocket," he said.

"I want to tell our Danish friends to come to India to jointly find answers to the problems of the planet," he added.

Talking about Digital India, PM Modi said India opened the gate to a major digital market and this is a "real story of New India".

"When I had spoken of Digital India, some people had raised all kinds of questions. 'Digital, in India?' I'd like to say that 5-6 years back we were one of the most backward nations in terms of per capita data consumption. But today, the situation has changed," PM Modi said.

"India consumes more mobile data than combined data consumed by several big nations. New users are not from cities but from far off villages. It hasn't only empowered villages and poor of India but also opened the gate to a major digital market. This is a real story of New India," he added.

This interaction with the Indian community came after delegation-level talks between the two countries and PM Modi at India-Denmark Business Forum.

PM Modi's Denmark visit started shortly after concluding his Berlin visit on Tuesday.

During his visit, PM Modi also took a private tour of the residence of his Danish counterpart Mette Frederiksen.