BANGALORE: ISRO, which is looking to firm up agreements for a network of ground stations from around the world for telemetry, tracking and command (TTC) operations for Gaganyaan, has completed a proof-of-concept (PoC) for utilising Jeff Bezos’ US-based Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) ground stations reports TOI.

The PoC was demonstrated by testing one of the AWS ground stations for carrying out TTC operations of the SARAL satellite. ISRO chairman S Somanath said: “We have done the tests to see whether we can use their ground stations but no final decision has been taken as yet.” According to ISRO, the overall TTC network plan for end-to-end Gaganyaan mission, including ascent, on-orbit and descent phase has been finalised.

“A ship-borne terminal planned for TTC coverage in the ascent phase in order to provide better elevation compared to existing 8° elevation from Port Blair station. The IDRSS-2 (relay satellite) is planned to be relocated from 148° to 240° in order to provide 100% visibility coverage for the mission,” as per ISRO’s plans. As reported earlier by TOI, ISRO is looking to use at least 40 ground stations — Indian and those belonging to other countries — to track astronauts when they travel around Earth aside from launching two relay satellites.

“Generally we only need a handful of stations to track our satellites. But for the human mission the entire orbit needs to be tracked, so we have already tied up with 40 stations around the world,” former ISRO chairman K Sivan had earlier said.