New Delhi: Calling US military aid to Pakistan 'myopic strategic calculations' and bizarre, Indian experts expressed concern regarding the deal, saying a signal should be sent to the United States from India.

The United States on Wednesday approved the sale of F-16-related equipment for an estimated cost of USD 450 million to Pakistan. The Biden administration reversed the decision taken by the previous government to stop all defence and security assistance.

Sushant Sareen, a Senior Fellow of Observer Research Foundation (ORF), asked how come Pakistan is going around the world "begging for funds" for the flood affected. He pointed out "if they have money for the Air Force jets, then they should have money for feeding their people and rebuilding whatever damage has come from the floods."

"The second thing which comes to mind is the ridiculous excuse, which the Biden Administration has given that this is being given to Pakistan to fight terrorism as part of counterterrorism cooperation. I haven't heard a more bizarre, kind of an excuse from the Americans. Now if the Americans don't know that Pakistan is a terror-sponsoring country, then nobody else would know it," Sushant Sareen said.

"Americans have lost over 2000 of their servicemen because of terrorism by the Pakistanis. They lost a war which cost them almost two trillion dollars in Afghanistan because of Pakistan's involvement in terrorism. And if after that they say that Pakistan is a partner in counterterrorism efforts then you know one doesn't know whether the Sun comes out from the east or from the West," he added.

While other experts see this as a matter of great concern, G Parthasarthy, former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan said that some signal should be sent to the United States, not just political but in terms of action or issues. "For the F-16 Fighters, I see this as a matter of concern. They are saying that they are not giving any new capability. Let us remember that those aircraft have very advanced radar and very advanced missile capabilities. Let us not forget."

The former envoy contended that this is very clearly designed to give Pakistan an edge in fighting capabilities and capabilities.

"Particularly, as I said, it has been used literally in the past against us. So I don't buy this American argument. It's just not analysing, it's a very clear signal to India that they are planning to give Pakistan the capabilities to match us or whether you're better than us. I think we should take it up with concern and I think some signal should be sent to the United States. Not just politically, but in terms of action or issues of their concern because this is something we just can't ignore," Parthasarthy added.

Earlier on Wednesday, reports said the US approved a possible foreign military sale of F-16 case for sustainment and related equipment for an estimated cost of USD 450 million. Washington says that this will sustain Islamabad's capability to meet current and future counterterrorism threats by maintaining its F-16 fleet.

"The United States Government has notified Congress of a proposed Foreign Military Sales case to sustain the Pakistan Air Force's F-16 programme. Pakistan is an important counterterrorism partner, and as part of longstanding policy, the United States provides life cycle maintenance and sustainment packages for U.S.-origin platforms," a State Department spokesperson said.