The US has said that it will work closely with India to exchange views on the Line of Actual Control.

India and the US are working closely to exchange views on China's aggression at the Line of Actual Control, US Defence Attaché to India, Rear Admiral Michael L Baker said.

"It [Line of Actual Control] is certainly an important area for us. We remain watchful. We work closely with India to exchange our views on this area to make sure that we have a clear understanding of what we think may be happening. I think it is a space both for India and the US to remain watchful. We can't take the eye off the ball of regional security issues," he said.

Talking about Chinese activities in the Indian Ocean Region, he said, “China has a continuous presence in the region… something we call naval expeditionary force." The comments are significant in wake of the recently released US National Defense Strategy 2022 that talks of enhancing India's capabilities to deter China in areas under dispute.

He said there is the possibility to collaborate for research and developing new capabilities.

"The US imports a lot of military equipment from India and there are a host of areas that we are working on to find a sweet spot for sharing technology. It’s been under discussion for some time and is one of our top priorities," the Baker said.

"We want to be the partner of choice for India. India has the ability to choose its partners and it has made a conscious decision to partner with the US on a host of areas," he added.

Asked about India's recent nuclear missile test from INS Arihant, he said, "A country can go through and test its lawful and sovereign capabilities in a responsible way. From what I can tell, India has done that in a responsible way.”