NEW DELHI: All gun systems procured in the last five years or being procured, apart from ultra-light howitzer, are indigenous gun systems being manufactured in India, as per the defence establishment sources.

India unveiled its 155mm 52 calibre Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System mounted at the rear of a truck chassis at the recently concluded Defence Expo.

“Indian Army is also progressing the development of indigenous Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System, commonly known as ATAGS, and Mounted Gun Systems (MGS),” sources said.

An influx of indigenously more advanced Pinaka weapon systems is in the offing where six more regiments have been contracted and delivery would commence soon.

“These regiments will be equipped with electronically and mechanically improved weapon system capable of firing variety of ammunition over longer ranges,” sources mentioned.

The defence establishment sources said Pinaka will provide long-range firepower in high-altitude areas along northern borders.

“Pinaka regiments have been enabled at high altitude and mobility validation of equipment carried out in harsh high-altitude terrain. One regiment has been inducted along Northern borders in high-altitude areas after extensive validation. High altitude firing validation is planned,” it adds.

Ultra-light howitzers have been procured to address sector-specific operational requirements, especially in the tough terrain & high-altitude areas of the northern borders of the country.

“Highly transportable for rapid deployment to meet any operational situation, the gun can be air-lifted & transported using Chinook helicopter and deployed at short notice.

Regiments have been operationally validated and deployed along northern borders,” as per sources.

Dhanush Gun Systems has been inducted and operationalised in high-altitude along northern borders.

Dhanush gun is an electronically and mechanically upgraded version of the Bofors gun and the first regiment inducted along northern borders after extensive validation.

Dhanush Gun System is a major milestone in the history of indigenous development of artillery guns and a huge step towards Make in India projects in defence manufacturing.

Sharang gun is also going for enhancement of 130 mm gun system and with a successful up-gunned gun with better range, accuracy and consistency corroborating indigenous defence capability.