New Delhi: As Indonesia formally handed over the G20 Presidency to India today in Bali, Freddy Svane, Denmark's Ambassador to India in New Delhi called this as an 'important milestone.'

He said that given the challenges and crises that the world faces today, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India would bring sincerity and trust back into international cooperation.

"It is a very important milestone. It's the first G20 Presidency ever for India and I am pretty sure that India under the leadership of PM Modi will set a new yardstick for international cooperation, within the framework of G20. India will be bridging the gap between the Global South and the rest of the world. No one can sustain if there is no bridge between those who are developing and those who have developed and therefore, I have really, really high hopes and expectations for the Indian leadership," said the Danish Ambassador.

"We are today faced with so many challenges, the war in Ukraine, instability, food crisis, energy crisis and perhaps we also have a crisis for humanity and given all the good legacies that India have had for so many years from Gandhi and so forth, I am pretty sure that India will inspire the leaders of the G20 and PM Modi will bring life, sincerity, trust back into International cooperation", said Svane.

Hailing the ties between India and Denmark, the envoy said that PM Modi has been 'instrumental' in building the relationship between the two countries and India will be the superpower setting the agenda at the G20.

"I think that India is a superpower in creativity and is a master in preserving old traditions to take them into modern life. India has never ever tried to conquer others, has always been a peaceful nation and you have always offered so much to the surrounding world," said Svane.

He said about India-Denmark ties, "I do hope that this collaboration between Denmark and India works. PM Modi has been instrumental in building up our relationship and I am pretty confident that we will see even new areas being included. India will be the real superpower setting the agenda for a more peaceful, more prosperous world that we can forward under the leadership of your prime minister", the envoy added.

Amid a round of applause, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was handed over the Presidency of G20 by Indonesian President Joko Widodo today. India will officially assume the Presidency on December 1.

Notably, the Union Cabinet on November 2 apprised of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between India and Denmark on cooperation in the field of Water Resources Development and Management.

The MoU is directed toward digitalisation and ease of information access, integrated and smart water resources development and management among others.

The various areas of cooperation under the MoU include aquifer mapping, groundwater modelling, monitoring and recharge; efficient and sustainable water supply at the household level, including reduction of non-revenue water and energy consumption; river and water body rejuvenation to enhance liveability, resilience and economic development.

On September 28, 2020, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and PM Modi co-chaired a Virtual Summit between India and Denmark.

During the Summit, they launched a Joint Statement on establishing a Green Strategic Partnership between the two countries.

The joint statement envisioned cooperation in the field of environment/water and circular economy and sustainable urban development including smart cities. (ANI)