Mumbai: Chinese delegate Hanwen Tang today lauded the agenda made by India at the Development Working Group (DWG) meeting under its G20 Presidency. Hanwen Tang called India's agenda "very comprehensive" which he stressed covered many issues that developing nations need right now.

Speaking to ANI, Hanwen Tang said, "It (DWG Meeting ) was very satisfactory, the agenda made by India was very comprehensive , it covered many issues that developing countries need right now. " He called G20 a "great opportunity" for India to showcase its achievements.

"I think G20 is a great opportunity to show how much India has achieved so the whole world will see that India is a great country and we need more co operations under G20," Hanwen Tang said.

Hanwen Tang stated that India and China accounts for one-third of the population across the world. He stressed that India and China can achieve a lot for developing nations and the world. He emphasized that both nations can cooperate with each other in various sectors.

"I think India and China accounts for one-third of the whole world population, of we work together on economic and other platforms, I think we can achieve a lot for the developing countries and the whole world," Hanwen Tang said.

"I think the border issue is separate from the economic issues. I think, there are a lot of fields where India and China can cooperate with each other so we have to look beyond our differences and work on what we agree upon," he added.

Speaking to ANI, Hanwen Tang said that India is trying to become a "manufacturing hub." He added, "the trade balance may be better in future." Meanwhile, G20 delegates visited Kanheri caves in Mumbai for the excursion.

Daniel Giorev, head of the delegation, European Union, European Commission, said, "Besides, the substantive work we have done over this last days. What's incredible is to learn more about Indian culture, history, and this specific site about Buddhism. I think India has offered an unforgettable experience to G20 delegates."

He added, "It was very substantive discussions over three days that have triggered interesting ideas and very interesting paths for the months ahead that now the presidency needs to digest and consolidate for the discussions to continue."

Takeo Mori, head of the delegation, Japan said, "Its been marvellous. We have a very good discussion in the DWG of the G20, about the SDG and data for development and lifestyle for SDGs."

Speaking about the meeting in Mumbai, Massimiliano La Marca, head of the delegation, International Labour Organisation said, "The meeting went well and we are very happy about it. We are very grateful to the presidency for all the work done."

In response to the question about his experience in Mumbai, he said, "We have a lot of different experiences, including cultural events, dancing, food was a new experience for us."

Notably, the five substantive sessions of the four-day-long DWG meeting concluded in Mumbai on December 15. "Focused deliberations on key global issues of harnessing data for development and collective climate action constituted the third day of the 1st Development Working Group (DWG) Meeting under India's G20 Presidency in Mumbai, according to the press release issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The MEA in the press release added, "Delegates from G20 countries welcomed India's focus on SDG 12: 'Responsible Consumption and Production,' and deliberated avenues to integrate localized realities and knowledge, delineate scope and scale, and identify policy measures that enable and incentivize shifts in this area."