In a major boost to the capability of Su-30 fighter jet fleet, the IAF is equipping them with new missile which can take down targets from 250 km as per an India Today report.

Adding more muscle to its Su-30 fighter jet fleet, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is equipping these planes with a new missile which can take down ground-based targets from a distance of over 250 km.

“The new missile can hit targets at over 250 km and its addition under an emergency import contract is going to boost the capability of the planes,” top government sources told India Today.

The new missile would allow the Indian Air Force to not cross over and strike down enemy military camps and terrorist infrastructure as it did during the Balakot operations in 2019 from deep within its territory.

The IAF integrating long range missiles from indigenous or neutral nations as European or American origin would not be easy in view of the global situation, the sources said.

The IAF is also in the process of upgrading the Su-30s in an upgrade program expected to cost over Rs 30,000 and would begin with 85 planes. The IAF has around 260 of these heavy air superiority fighter jets which are now flying in sync with the most modern Rafale fighter planes of the force.