The Drone Jammer (Vehicle Based) should provide Multi Sensor based (at least two sensors) complete and comprehensive solution with regards to UAS/Drone and SWARMS. The system should be capable of UAS/Drones/SWARMS detection, tracking, designation & neutralization of Swarm / Drones / UAS approaching simultaneously from multiple directions. It should integrate all detection sensors and identify threats to provide operator with a composite air situation pictures & facilitate selection and management of responses for countering UAS / Drone, using jammer systems.

All the sub-systems including integral power solutions should be transportable. Fast switching between wideband detection and wideband jamming modes to neutralize advanced UAS/Drone types which use multiband switching systems i.e., look through mode should be supported. The fused target data from multiple sensors must be provided to operator for quick decision making.

The following are expected subcomponents in the system:

(a) RF Detector
(b) 3D Radar (Drone Detection Radar)
(c) RF and Satellite Navigation Jammer System
(d) Command and Control Centre (C2 Centre)