Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said the government is making every possible effort that no stone is left unturned to equip the country to deal with challenges which may arise due to the "fast-evolving global security scenario".

During his address to a large number of cadets who are taking part in a Republic Day NCC Camp here, he described the country's foolproof security infrastructure as one of the best examples of teamwork, and asserted that "if there is ever a need to fight a war, the whole country will be behind our armed forces".

“It is the result of teamwork that India has defeated its enemies in the past and won many wars," Singh said.

He also asserted that while the armed forces are protecting the nation from all kinds of threats, scientists, engineers, civil officers and others are providing support by moving shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

"If there is ever a need to fight a war, the whole country will be behind our armed forces. It is the result of teamwork that India has defeated its enemies in the past and won many wars," he said.

During the address, Singh also called upon the youth to eliminate the concept of “use and throw”, pointing out that directly or indirectly, society and the environment suffer the most due to this practice, according to a statement issued by the Defence Ministry.

The Union minister also emphasised on on the need to mould oneself according to the changing times.

"No stone is being left unturned by the government to equip the nation to deal with challenges that may arise due to the fast-evolving global security scenario," he was quoted as saying in the statement.

He, however, maintained that while changing with time is essential, staying connected with the country's glorious past is equally important.

"The aim is to build a strong and prosperous India, rooted in its culture and traditions," Singh said.

He addressed the cadets during his visit to the NCC Republic Day Camp at Delhi Cantonment, and also gave away Raksha Mantri Padak and Commendation Cards to many cadets for their exemplary performance and devotion to duty.

“This year, the Raksha Mantri Padak was awarded to Under Officer Tinggeuchile Nriame of North Eastern Region Directorate and Cadet Avinash Jangir of Rajasthan Directorate," the statement said.

"The Raksha Mantri Commendation Cards were awarded to Captain Pratap Keshari Harichandan of Odisha Directorate, Cadet Under Officer Jenny Francina Victor Anand of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andaman and Nicobar Directorate, Cadet Fiza Shafi of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Directorate and Cadet Sehwag Rana of Uttarakhand Directorate," it said.

In his address to around 2,000 cadets, who are participating in the Camp, the Defence minister also exhorted them to "identify new ways and strive to help the nation move forward on the path of development with faster pace".

He, however, urged them to stay connected with the country's age-old values and traditions and work in the field of their choice with humility.

Stressing that destruction of environment means destruction of life, he appealed to the youth and the nation at large to reuse goods as far as possible and work for the conservation of nature.

Singh also encouraged the youth to "not let the 'use and throw' concept enter their personal lives", and urged them to respect elders, family and friends.

He said that while knowledge and education are important, life values hold equal relevance.

The minister urged the cadets to focus on character building as much as they pay attention to gaining knowledge and earning wealth. He expressed confidence that the cadets, with their hard work, dedication and values, will touch heights of success and bring laurels to the country.

"The path of India's progress goes through the youth. The stronger our youth is, the stronger our country will be," he said.

Singh appreciated the NCC for transforming its cadets into a well-rounded personality by inculcating in them the qualities of a leader, soldier, artist and above all a good human being.

Unity, discipline, truthfulness, courage, harmony, leadership and teamwork taught at the NCC have always been the guiding light of our country. Some of the most important qualities, the NCC inculcates in its cadets, are determination to achieve a desired goal, team spirit and getting rid of the fear of failure, he said.

"This not only helps the young minds to create their own path, but also gives a new direction to society. There is a need to keep working on these qualities as it makes a person perfect and complete in the longer run," the Union minister said.

Elaborating on the benefits of team spirit, Singh stressed that India itself is a "shining example" as it is home to a number of languages, dialects, religions and ideas. He said despite this diversity, India remains united and moves forward to secure the interest of its people.

“Irrespective of their backgrounds, all Indians come forward and contribute to nation building. This is a major reason behind India continuously moving towards becoming one of the leading countries in the world. There is a need to implement this aspect in our lives. Working together doubles the strength, increases the chances of success and negates the feeling of arrogance.

"The NCC cadets should never let arrogance become a part of their personality and always be grateful to the nation and society," he said.

As part of the event, a colourful cultural programme was presented by the NCC cadets.

Singh also inspected a guard of honour presented by a contingent of NCC cadets drawn from the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NCC. He commended the cadets, drawn from all 17 directorates spread across the country, for their performances, terming it as a symbol of India's unity in diversity.

Singh also visited the 'Flag Area' prepared by the cadets, depicting various social awareness themes. He was briefed by cadets from different directorates on their respective models. Thereafter, he visited the Hall of Fame, which has an impressive collection of alumni photographs, models and other achievements of the NCC over the past 75 years.