New Delhi: India's Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra on Friday said that the Voice of Global South Summit received a strong and positive response from across the world.

"The overall theme of the summit was unity of voice, unity of purpose. A total of 125 countries participated in the initiative. This includes 29 countries from the Caribbean and Latin America, 47 countries from Africa, seven countries from Europe, and 31 countries from Asia, clearly a strong and positive response across the whole world through the summit," Kwatra said during a special online briefing on Voice of Global South Summit.

Kwatra showed infographics of the global participation in the summit.

He said that India has been in close contact with the countries that are G20 members.

India's G20 presidency will be the first G20 presidency that can claim to have captured the sentiments and views of the entire developing world, not just limit itself to the large economy's perspective, Kwatra said during the session.

He said that almost all countries accepted India's invitation and participated in the summit. "Participants thanked Narendra Modi for his personal leadership which was instrumental in conceptualizing and crystalizing the voice of the global south at a time which is particularly difficult for the developing world facing numerous challenges across the political and economic domain," the Foreign Secretary said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the global south appreciates the principle of globalisation and that India sees the whole world as one family. He said that the south wants a human-centric globalisation, one that brings prosperity and well-being to humanity.

"We all appreciate the principle of globalisation. India has always seen the world as one family. Developing countries desire globalisation that does not create a climate crisis, does not lead to unequal vaccine distribution or over-concentrated global supply chains. We want globalisation that brings prosperity and well-being to humanity. We want human-centric globalisation," the PM said at the concluding leaders' session of The Voice of Global South Summit.

The PM said that the Voice of Global South Summit has over the last two days, seen the participation of more than 120 developing countries, the largest-ever virtual gathering of the global south.

He said that the last three years have been difficult for developing countries.

"The last three years have been difficult, especially for the developing nations. The challenges of a global pandemic, rising prices of fuel, and geo-political tension have affected our development efforts," PM Modi said.

He, however, said that the new year is a fresh start.