Jetpack suit, displayed at the Aero India Show 2023, manufactured by a Bengaluru-based start-up has caught the attention for its uniqueness and is in the reckoning for the contract by the armed forces

According to sources, Indian armed forces are all set to test the suit manufactured by this Bangalore start-up which will enable soldiers to fly like birds and carry out missions in March.

The Indian armed forces have placed a Request for Proposal (RFP) for procurement of 48 jet suits on trial basis. If they pass the test, the Army would initiate large scale procurement, the sources said.

Manufactured by Absolute Composite Private Limited, based in Bangalore, the jetpack suit has used five engines, including the turbo engine at the back.

A model of the jetpack manufactured by Absolute Composite
The suit weighs three kilograms and can fly 80 kilogram weighing soldiers. It has the capability to fly 10 kilometers in 10 minutes. The research is continuing on gaining more fuel efficiency in terms of mileage.

It is expected to be handy in Army operations in impassable and inaccessible landscapes and can be handy in times of natural calamities, landslides, fire emergencies, and building collapse. It could be used as a drone, helicopter to cross rivers, or broken bridges.

As per the company, the jet suit has 70 per cent indigenised components and efforts are on for total indigenised content. It is powered by a gas turbine and can lift a soldier up to a height of 10 to 15 meters with a top speed of 50 kilometre per hour.

Raghav Reddy, Managing Director of Absolute Composites, stated that it is the most compact flying machine that has ever been built. It has taken two years of time to manufacture the product. The wearable jetpack consists of a backpack with diesel tank, electronics. The tank capacity is 30 litres and it is configurable.

"We had not pitched into the armed forces. There was a Request For Proposal (RFP) from the Army. We have responded and demonstrations are due coming next week and we are planning to go and demonstrate to them. If we qualify, take their requirements and we may have an opportunity to supply. We are excited about it," he said.