Gilgit-Baltistan: In Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), including Gilgit Baltistan, the citizens are ruled with an iron grip and treated as if they are second rate, reported Inside Over.

Due to the "misrule" under the Pakistani regime, PoK area is witnessing protests from locals.

Although ruled by Pakistan's Azad Kashmir Interim Constitution Act of 1974, the country's governing structure remains powerless and depends on the Pakistani establishment for the smallest matters. Even the courts are subordinate to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The Pakistani establishment has arbitrarily used this clause to drown out any dissenting voices, leading to a massive discontent among the local masses and the local government in the territory remains dysfunctional and powerless, as per the Inside Over report.

This suppression has made the public form informal structures which have increased social divisions and deprivation among the public. The last local elections in the area according to the Inside over report were held in the year 1991. Many governments that came afterwards despite promising these elections did not conduct any until last year. This was done on the orders of the supreme court.

The POK also witnessed riots after the Pakistani government decided to further weaken the identity of the people by introducing the 15th Amendment to the Constitution. The proposed amendment showed that the term "State" will be replaced with "Azad Jammu Kashmir" and the mention of the United Nations will be replaced with the words "subject to recognition" from the so-called (Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir) PoJK provisional constitution of 1974.

After this, all the financial powers will be transferred from the PoK government to the federal regime thus practically demoting the PoK to the level of a provincial entity.

Even the ongoing economic crisis of the country has made the situation of the locals worse. As the costs of essential foodstuffs have increased exponentially. The shortage of grains has hit hard the people of the region who have taken to the streets to ask for essential foodstuffs.

And the locals in the Gilgit Baltistan area which faces harsh winters have been protesting day and night over the lack of availability of staple food items such as wheat. Hunger is rampant and children and women are the worst sufferers, according to the Inside Over report.

Ignoring all this the regime on every February 5 the regime celebrates Kashmiri Solidarity Day as a propaganda tool against India. Notably, it is celebrated when the area is illegally occupied by Pakistan and the people of the country are suffering since the creation of Pakistan in 1947.